We love privacy. Therefore we want you to understand how we handle your data. Effective from: 2020-12-20

Since we are based in The Netherlands, we are subject to the laws applicable there. This also means the GDPR. No matter where you live, you can make use of the rights the GDPR gives you.


Just to make sure we're on the same page.
  • Data: Anything saved in the bot's database.

When Aphr0dite collects data

Aphr0dite only saves data about you if you interact with it. Interactions include:

  • Receiving and sending hugs, kisses or fucks
  • Marrying
  • Setting user/guild settings

What kind of data Aphr0dite saves:

The kind of data Aphr0dite saves depends on how you use it. Here is a full list of what Aphr0dite may save about you

Server (Guild) Data:

  • Guild ID
  • Guild Strictness Integer

User data:

  • Your Discord User ID
  • The Discord User ID from anyone you interact with using the bot
  • Date of interaction
  • DM Strictness Integer
  • User settings (DNT/Censor flags)
  • Place of interaction (Server or DM. Does not track which server)

User data saved when marrying:

  • Date of marriage
  • Number of cheats
  • Number of children
  • Unique identfier for the marriage

For how long Aphr0dite saves data

Your interactions are saved indefinitely unless you request data deletion or we terminate our service. Your user id is also presented in the error logs, which are deleted every two (2) weeks.

What happens with the data

Short answer: Nothing
Long answer: we have no interest in 'doing' anything with the data other than letting you view your statistics. There is no automatic decision making going on in the background.

Ownership of the data

To protect yours and others privacy, we reserve all rights on the data. This means that scraping data and/or using data for neferious purposes including, but not limited to, profiling, commerical purposes and scientific purposes are prohibited without prior permission from us.

Opting out of data collection

This is possible by adding a DNT (Do-Not-Track) flag on your profile. Refer to the commands on how to do this.

Data deletion requests

Please contact C0der#1337 on Discord or send an email to sexy@aphr0dite.love. Clearly state your intentions.

Note on (ex-)married users

When you request data removal, we allow any (ex-)partner to get a copy of the marriage file up to 7 days after the data removal request has been completed.

Privacy Policy, Rev 1.9. Effective 2020-12-20