Update 3


So, we're in 2000 servers now! Quite neat if you ask me.
I also made great progress with v2. The library is pretty much done now and I have finally started building the new infrastructure.
I am not sure how to do this yet, but I'll likely do a slow rollout. The first step will be to move all data to the new databases and to start running Aphr0dite on the new service. This will probably cause Aphr0dite to be down for a few hours, as this can't be fully automated. I have no set date when this will happen, but I am aiming at the end of August of this year.
Slash Commands
I will also start using Discord's Interactions model. Reaction buttons will be replaced with actual buttons during the first rollout. I am also planning making the hug command a slash command. The rest will follow later. The 'old' way of invoking commands (with the > prefix) will stay available for a while, even after slash commands are fully supported by Aphr0dite.

I have more to announce later, but I should go back to coding.

Have a nice day,

Monthly update


Hey guys! My finals are coming up, so development has been a bit slower than before. This doesn't mean there is no progress tho!
I have open-sourced my Rust library (click here) I use to make v2! Check it out and give it a star while you're at it :). My focus right now is to make the library good and usable.
Till next month,



It has been brought to my attention that the new marriage commands kept failing. Apperently, there was a tiny bug that caused a wide spectrum of commands to fail. I am sorry for the inconvenience, the bugs should be fixed now. If you ever encounter bugs, please let me know! My Discord DM's are open: C0der#1337


Polygamous marriages are here!


It has been three months. V2 is in great progess, the API is now partially done! I received quite a lot of feature requests to implement polygamous marriages....so yeah here it is.

Have fun,

Version 2 Announcement


When I started developing Aphr0dite, it was actually just a joke made for a specific server. One and a half year later, Aphr0dite brings love to almost 1250 servers. However, the way I programmed the bot was never with scalibilty in mind. I have been working on new ideas and they will come. However, this means rewriting the codebase.

Version 2 will allow new features and enhanced security (don't worry version 1 is safe, just not as safe as I want to) as well as porting Aphr0dite to different platforms ;).

Version 1 will have one more little surprise for you guys before I go and focus on version 2. And no, no slash command support just yet. Discord is changing a whole lot of stuff so I'll let that mature a bit.

Stay safe and I hope to inform you guys very soon :),