Bring love to your server!

Aphr0dite is a bot for Discord. It allows you to send serveral wholesome interactions to other users. Hugs, kisses, marriages, Aphr0dite got you covered!


  • Cross-server

    Aphr0dite doesn't keep your stats limited to just one server. Stats sync in all servers.

  • A new form of user engagement

    Your users will love the interactions Aphr0dite has to offer.

  • NSFW commands

    Do you want to get naughty? No problem. Aphr0dite has some naughty commands waiting for you to try out 😏.

Join the love!

Join the ever growing list of servers that bring love into their server
and bring an extra level of engagement to your server

  • 2000 servers
  • 25.000+ unique users
  • 3400+ marriages recorded

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